EVAISA Size guide

EVAISA Size guide

EVAISA Size guide 1080 1350 Matt L

The kind folks at EVAISA have been kind enough to educate us on their idea of and ideal fit for cycling attire. This includes measurements, the “feel test” and most importantly matching the kit to the rider.

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Like all sports attire, cycle clothing has a desired stretch, grab and tension that should exist to ensure rider comfort. The biggest mistake people make in sizing is standing tall to gauge whether a kit is a good fit and the reason this isn’t the best option is that you’re never standing upright on your bike unless you’re doing a sweet jesus no hander.

Look mum no hands!
source: Dosnoventa tumblr

The sizing reflects the mindset that you the rider won’t be upright, so while you might notice a bit of tension when you’re standing, the reality is you’ll be sitting forward, 90 degrees between arms and torso, or tucked down having a solid sprint. This is when it all counts.

As you can see with Raph’s position here, the bands relax, the cut changes shape and the bibs now conform to the anatomic shape of the body to alleviate the pressures you would experience whilst standing upright.

The “Feel” test.
The Feel test is a bit of a preference thing, but we try and talk about the feel being firm, two fingers under the leg bands and pull them around two finger lengths out from the body before the you have the elastic maxing out. When released onto the leg it should feel mild in firmness but still allow for movement. We suggest you tense your legs and see how it feels as well, that’s how they’re going to be the whole time you’re riding.

The Jersey is no different in construction with the lower back panel bunching whilst standing and extending over your sweet glutes whilst you ride to give that fantastic race-fit look you want.

There are many elements to comfort when it comes to kits, but we have opted to partner with people who understand fit rather than just sell custom branded attire for the sake of dollars.

How to measure?
This is where the art of trusting your judgement is important. We recommend using a sewing tape measure which you can procure from the likes of Spotlight or any of your favourite craft and arts stores. Have a friend, partner, loved one, neighbour or stranger run the tape around your body in the spots highlighted in the supplied sizing charts. Men’s Bibshorts, Men’s Jersey, Women’s Bibshorts, Women’s Jersey. Have them hold the tape firmly around each part of the limbs, torso etc and stretch and move your muscles until the tape moves. Once you’ve maxed it out, take a reading as this is the maximum tension/fit that the garment will require. If you use this method you should have a fantastic fit and something which you can ride in for hours and hours.

Want to book in a time to try?
We’re trying to accomodate everyone and have some sample sizes for people to try. Drop us an email and we can let you know about our sizing days as well as private sizing should you need help with it.

If you have any questions, reach out and we can answer you as soon as possible!


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