brisbane bike fam.

we’re becausefixie and we ride all types of bikes.

We’re just a bunch of dysfunctional people living in Brisbane, Australia who hang out together, ride bikes on the road, off-road and hell we even do bike-packing camping trips. We know the name doesn’t match the attitude but that’s because the group evolved and we branched out into riding more than just track bikes. We don’t give a rats-ass what you ride as long as you’re happy riding it, in fact why don’t you come Ride along with us?

we have a small webstore where we sell cool things we make.
check out our members rigs

If you want to connect with other riders our Facebook Group is a great place to talk shit and plan rides. We try to load our Instagram and Facebook with content as well so if you have something you want to share, reach out and Contact us.